China rejects American sanctions on Iran

Washington: China expresses its reaction to the US sanctions against Iran and has believed that he opposes neutral restrictions. In a statement issued by Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, commercial cooperation with Iran does not violate any resolution of the Security Council and China’s legal rights should be protected, Chinese Foreign Minister added that China has always been opposed to neutral restrictions and long-arm policy.

US Secretary of State hezar nawaret has accused Iran at a press conference that he is spreading inefficiency in the Middle East, and not paying attention to own people, The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs further added that the US wants a deal, which is not just about nuclear program, but also the practice of Tehran and its ballistic missile program, Neither did we want to see the change in the behavior of the Iranian ruling system. They should pay attention to their people and not spend money on terrorist  but also on their own people.

Cyber security and intelligence experts said that after restoration of sanctions on Iran, there are possibilities that Iran will target the US in cyber attacks.


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