China aggressively responded to US Foreign Minister on IMF bailout package for Pakistan.

Beijing: China has strongly condemned the statement of US Foreign Minister on IMF bailout package for Pakistan. In which Mike Pompev had a irresponsible claim to use the IMF package for Pakistan to take China’s debt. China said , Funds should be used for development in South Asia rather than ordering and dictating a country.

The statement said by the Chinese spokesperson, that america Instead of using the US financial fund to achieve its goals and objectives, the fund should be used to contribute to the development and prosperity of South Asia and start practical work rather than dictation.

The Chinese spokesman further said that Pakistan can deal with its concerns about IMF and And IMF has its own rules and any territories of any country should not be interfere. When we need to work on regional peace and stability instead of getting into conflict.

Be clear last week, US Minister of State Mike Pompio said in a statement, That Pakistan can use IMF’s bailout package for chines loan. The amount of this package needs strict monitoring in order to prevent Chinese investors from going to their hands. On which Pakistan had completely declared American concerns untrue.


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