Checking Out Holiday Decorations at Night via Walking Group Stroll

Sunday, 12.10.17

On the latest two Woodbridge community hikes around manmade lakes, I noticed many people have decorated their front lawns and homes with holiday decorations, mostly lots of lights and some lighted props. So, I decided to take some snapshots. One stands out as the most interesting because of its Tim Burton-style Christmas decor as well as lots of lights.

This second one is from a townhome association building. There are more than one apartments or condos, placed closely next to each other, literally wall to wall, in which it looks like one large mansion.

The rest of the decorations are from different homes in the area.

This last one is from the gazebo, which is in the middle of the manmade lake, but goes into the lake like a peninsula pathway.


What do you think?

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