Challenge on falling towards mouth on social media began becoming popular

We see in daily routine life  strange challenges continue on social media almost every day. First, the rage started with the ‘Bactic Challenge’ of the bucket filled with cold water. But now, Russian merchants have created a new challenge Falling towards mouth.

In this challenge that starts in Russia, wealthy or poor, young boys and girls look like a falling towards mouth on their luxury boats, expensive cars and private planes stairs like this, as they fall on their faces. These photos are being posted from the Falling Stars Challenges Hash tag.

Russian people are increasingly participating in this unique challenge starting on Instagram. Although the fallers have not actually fallen, they keep their position lying down, keeping them in a way that they can be seen even more closely in the dramatic way.

The Russian Emperor has now scattered the pictures, including Miss Ukraine. Another model, Arizona Mayus, has seen herself in a vision seen by some of the courier companies that she is really falling towards mouth.

In a  photo shopping mall ladies in a picture, a woman looks like a real falling towards mouth on elevator.

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