Cereal Killer


Why do people always stare at me when I eat a salad?  Have you never seen a fat girl eat a salad before?  Those are the same people that are stunned when they see me run.  Have you never seen a fat girl run before?  Why?

Why do people look shocked when I announce, “I can’t eat anymore.  I’m full.”  When I tell people I have cereal for breakfast, the look of shock is universal.  No one believes me.  I guess they don’t know I am a cereal killer.

Have they never seen a fat girl stop eating before?

If I say that I know how to cook, interestingly enough, everyone will believe me.  I get an automatic pass.  Why?  It’s ’cause I’m fat, ha?

There is a double-scooped standard for how far and wide, fat people can go in life.  Double-scooped.  We are automatically judged as being unhealthy, lazy, and over all, ugly.  Well I’m fat, but I’m not ugly.  There is a difference.  Fat people can be sexy.  Just ask most men.  Most men agree.  Skinny girls might be nice to look at, but who wants to cuddle with french fries, when you can have a big, fat burger?

For ugly people, the only solution is surgery.  For fat people, you can either loose weight, or not.  It only matters to your doctor really.  Because unless you have underlying chronic conditions, you really don’t have to be a size triple zero.  You really don’t.

I have self-esteem, and even though I lost 4 lbs. in the past three weeks, that’s not why I feel good about  myself.  That recent weight loss is besides the point.  I even forgot to brag about it on facebook.  I have known since Wednesday.

Is it so hard to understand that fat people have self-esteem?  Are fat people supposed to feel ashamed all of the time?

I do not feel ashamed for the social diseases that people choose to acquire, simply because it is still acceptable to make fun of fat people.  Every single culture on this planet does it to a certain extent.

And another thing, don’t assume I am a push over just because I’m fat.  This is what leads people to think I’m a bitch.  I’m not a bitch.  Just because I play one in your life, doesn’t make me one.


What do you think?

Written by Maria Ayala