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The Celestial Ascension (excerpts)


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Time stands still. For me, time is nothing but a false human concept.

I am beyond that.

I work in the same time, same rules, and same motion of all life, in all the universes, in all Dimensions.

I am.

And yet, I was just myself, a being in neither dimension of good nor evil, right or wrong. I have many names, yet the one that can most accurately describe me is the Realm. I am the runner through dimensions, keeping order and balance for what goes on in the worlds. The worlds beyond the one you know of as Earth.

I have a new task.

It is to watch the celestial Osiris. To guide him and send, if any, commands from the Celestial Council of The Others.

Rain crashes down on me, yet I cannot feel it.

The piercing of the sound clamoring onto the salty asphalt hammers in my head, yet it does not bother me.

I sit in my own existence with the true knowledge of what is to come and I know what to do.

However, it must all come in time.

It will not be easy. It will be confusing.

Yes, it will be confusing for both of them.

And so I watch, as a watcher does, feeling the rain touch what you humans would call my body. It is hard to describe how I feel, how I touch, how I communicate.

So I watch this celestial, this Osiris, challenge a human in a dark and filthy alley.

I sit and wait.

I wait.

I see the pain of my subject as he tapped into something so primal that even the Celestial Council of The Others notice. They ask me what it is that I am allowing Osiris to do.

I answered them without words.

Communication is nothing but a series of motions and verbal usage that are not needed. I was and AM beyond such things.  I just simply AM.


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