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Cats the movie has 2 Versions?

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Cats moved was released before it was finished. There are actually two versions, and the second version is actually finished now. They did two versions for different people. Now, I wonder what the second version of Cats the movie is like.

I thought it was the full version. If I knew there will be a second, finished version, I would have waited for the second version. The first version might have been created for young people. I kind of still want to watch the second version to compare it with the first version.

So, I guess there is a Cats movie (2019) and Cats movie (2020).  Now, I think this is weird…why the fuck did they do that? Couldn’t they have waited to finish the whole film and done one in 2020? Even though I understood the 2019 movie and I thought it was OK, I probably would have waited for the second version in 2020 when it was fully finished. 


What do you think?


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    • I already saw the first one. I am just wonder what the second version is like. it appears the cover the hands and feet to make it look like cat paws. in the past, the first versions were free for feedback. I used to go to them for free. it was interesting because they were still very rough. then, people did a survey at the end.


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