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Carnival Time: Childhood Memories

Recollecting My Childhood Memories

After my family and I attended our Sunday services in the Church, we ate our lunch outside to our favorite eatery in our small city. Then riding on our family service van driven by our son-in-law, we headed to the municipality of Valladolid, here in our province.

We dropped to her beautiful public plaza where there were lots of small vendors selling their wares. In another part of the said plaza, the carnival was situated. There as I entered and roamed around to take some pictures, my childhood memories keep on flashing back. I enjoyed the carnival before but not as sophisticated or modern as compared it in this present time. My dear parents used to bring me to our humble plaze where rides and shows were being held.

Entertainment Inside the Carnival

1. Carousel

2. Horror Cab Ride

3. Octopus Ride

4. Swing

5. Ferris Wheel

This Jan Jan Carnival entertainment is to usher the annual festival of the town of Valladolid for more fun and enjoyment to the visitors, tourists, and the residents of the town themselves.

Valladolid has contributed much of our love life with my wife who was my high school sweetheart before sometime in 1969 when we met in the high school where were studying.


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Written by Gil Camporazo

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  1. WOW! Carnivals are a sweet fun childhood memory. I don’t think my children have these memories. We’ve lived in many cities but there were not many opportunities for me to take them. Too bad I could not create these memories for them.


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