Carmella retains WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules

Once again Carmella managed to slip through the cracks and defeat Asuka. During this encounter at Extreme Rules, it was more of Asuka taking her eyes off of Carmella after she rammed Carmella into the barricade to focus on James Ellsworth, who tried to escape the shark cage. Ellsworth ended up hanging upside down due to a piece of his clothing being latched on the cage. Moreover, in excitement, Asuka focused more on punishing Ellsworth who has interfered in many of the encounters between her and Carmella. The Princess of Staten Island then snuck up behind the distracted ‘Empress Of Tomorrow’ and pushed her into the lowered cage as Ellsworth hung there like a defenseless pinata after being kicked numerous times by Asuka. Then Carmella pinned Asuka as she layed there knocked out from the impact of hitting the shark cage.

After retaining her title Carmella then took to her Twitter page to troll World Wrestling Entertainment fans. Now in this situation what if Asuka would not have taken her eyes off of Carmella instead of focusing Ellsworth. Do you think that she may have defeated Carmella to become the new World Wrestling Entertainment Smackdown Women’s Champion?


What do you think?


Written by Thomas Gouard

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