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Can’t Get No Satisfaction

The title refers to the very popular song by The Rolling Stones. I remember that at practically every high school dance this song was played. It got so that I knew all of the words by heart and if I could play the guitar I could probably record this song myself. The song was born in the early hours of the morning on May 7, 1965, in a hotel room in Clearwater, Florida.

That morning Keith Richards woke up and recorded on a tape recorder the opening to the song “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” and right afterward went back to sleep. When he woke up again he played back what was on the tape and discovered that there wasn’t very much but just the same he played it for Mick Jagger. No one in the band thought anything much was going to come from the beginning of this song.

Finally, Jagger wrote up the verses and Richards had already begun it with the line “I can’t get no satisfaction”. The Rolling Stones took the song and went to Chess Studios in Chicago, Illinois. This was on May 10, 1965, and they finally completed it after they returned to Los Angeles, California on May 12th    at an 18-hour recording session. Here Richards hooked up an early Gibson version of a fuzz box to his guitar and gave the song the kind of riff he had really wanted.

 As it turned out this song brought The Rolling Stones superstardom and forty years down the road Rolling Stone magazine ranked “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” as number 2 on its list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”.


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