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Candle in the Wind

Some of you might recognize the title of the song made popular by Elton John. He first wrote this song in memory of actress Marilyn Monroe

Afterward, when Princess Diana died so tragically he rewrote this song for her, and on September 6, 1997, Elton John performed “Candle in the Wind” at the funeral for the Princess of Wales. At a funeral that was emotional and heartbreaking Elton John’s performance of this song left hardly anyone with a dry eye. Imagine how the time has flown since this day and her oldest child Prince William already has children of his own and Prince Harry has one.

Previously the song written for Marilyn Monroe had the opening “Goodbye Norma Jean” and the new version began with “Goodbye England’s Rose”. This song was then released as a single under the title “Candle in the Wind 1997”. It became a number one hit single both in the U.K. and the U.S. and wound up on the list of biggest-selling singles. One makes you think of Marilyn Monroe and one reminds you of Diana, Princess of Wales. Personally I love both versions.


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