Camptown Races Lots of Fun

In a time when smiles are few, this is one old song to bring a grin. “Camptown Races” a minstrel song written by Stephen Foster way back in 1850.

The song found its place in popular Americana. The melody of the song also had a different version titled “The Celebrated Ethiopian Song/Camptown Races”. The melody founds its was in the piano work Grotesque Fantasie, the Banjo Op 15 by Louis Moreau Gottschalk and used by composer Charles Ives in Symphony No. 2.

However you hear it, the song is sure to get you grinning.

I guess you wouldn’t mind hearing how Johnny Cash sings this song.

And to get you up and away from your computers here is Liberace with the same song on the piano. It is sure to get you dancing or at least tapping your feet.


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