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Camila Cabella

I don’t like all that many musicians. But for those who I really like, I become one of their fans. A friend type of fan, not an overzealous finatic. That is not good at all. You love them and you give them their space, always! This year I moved Camila Cabella right into this slot.

Camila inspires me to do better for myself. My chores are not boring when I have her music on. What drew me right into her were her voice and her style when she sang Havana. This is her number one hit after going on her own, last year in 2017. I just had to find out who she was. So glad that I followed through and did this. I listen to Alt92.3 FM. The New York station. So many new artists are right here.

I have joined two of Camila Cabello fan groups on facebook after many of youtube groups. I follow her on Twitter and facebook. I bought her first Album Camila Cabello. Watch many of her TV appearances and her New Years Eve appearance in NY. I really love my Mila.

Pic: Camila Cabello at the Grammy Awards


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  1. I had not heard of her before as I mostly listen to Christian Radio or 70’s and 80’s radio stations or I listen to MP-3 recorded music and sometimes books on tape. Your article inspires me to check her music out. You mentioned a song, Havana, I take it that some of her music may be a little salsa style. My youngest daughter enjoys dancing to salsa music.

  2. Thank you. Right now Camila is on her Never Be The Same Tour where she debued a new song, Sangrea Wine. She is nominated for a lot of Billboard awards…The dress? Sex and music still sell.

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