By The Way – 6

I didn’t know much about acting, I was an extra because my friends had gotten me into the Union and gave me the role.  

I met other extras who told me about this and that casting, so went with them to a lot of other shows.  I so was not hanging around any one set.

On the show my friends had gotten me on I had met the actor they called Big Star. Considering the dynamics, I had very little idea what was going on.

It wasn’t until that night, when we drove in the opposite direction that I learned what a difficult person Big Star was to work with and how everyone disliked him.

It was then I learned he was no Big Star.  He had  appeared in a few previous television shows, all of which he’d been writen out of due to his personality.  

He became more of an example to me than a person,  a ‘how not to behave’.

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Written by Chef Lee

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