By The Way – 4

The new Actor kept himself aloof from the cast, but had a lot of ‘ideas’ .   Filming would be stopped while he announced how he should talk, what lines he should say, where he should stand.  

As I was in and out,   and knew nothing about acting,   most of what I heard him say, whether to the writer or director or cameraman was beyond me.  

My friends had a lot to say about him, none of it good.

By the third episode The  Actor suddenly noticed my friends, who were the main characters.      I was standing there when he  announced he’d be at West End about eight and if we weren’t doing anything, we should join him.

My friends made smiles and nods.

That night we drove so far East we could have dropped off the Earth.   Everyone was laughing and ridiculing Big Star, as they referred to him.

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Written by Chef Lee

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