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But, Mom…..

I like moms, I really do. They are my favorite mythical creatures, right beside unicorns and mermaids. My own mother is not different from other moms regarding sixth sense, clairvoyance and other confusing things that moms do. One day, it was really hot day in summer, maybe the hottest one, because there was no rain for months and it looked like it would not be any drop till November, I had to go out.

“Take an umbrella”- said my mom over her shoulder, while did some kitchen stuff.

“But, mom, look at the sky. There’s no a single cloud on sight.”

I felt stupid the moment I imagined myself, carrying umbrella.

“As you wish, but don’t complain when you come home wet as a mouse.” Mother just went on doing her job in her favorite space. I just laughed and went out. Of course, in less than ten minutes sky was literally black and a howling storm stumbled upon my head. No need to describe how wet I was.

And this wasn’t a single event when her magical powers were shown. My life pretty much consists of miracles called “mother’s usual things”. One day, I think I was five, two of us were walking through the park. There were some rusty swings and seesaws in very poor condition, practically ruined, but I wanted to swing.

“Mom, May I…?”

“No.”- she answered before I finished my request.

“But, Mom….. You don’t know what I am going to ask you….”

“You want to swing on those filthy, rusty, broken things. Absolutely NO.”

How to argue with that?

Mom always knew when I lie, or try to, because I could barely succeed in that. So I quit telling lies when I was seven, ages when other kids master that matter. She used to tell me:

“Don’t insult my intelligence by lying me, because I always know what’s on your mind. Besides, I never lie to you.”

And that was true. My mother is the only person who is completely incapable for any form of lying, even for “white lies”. I was dressed up for a night out: cute new dress, fancy jewelry, high heels, make up….. Really proud on my outfit, I admired my look in a big mirror, when my mom passed by asking:”

“Are you going to wear that tunic?”

“But, Mom…. This is a dress.”

“Maybe, for a shorter girl.”

So, I combined it with a skirt. It looked even better that way.

When I was a child, I thought my mom was a witch. Now, I am deeply convinced in that. She raised me all by herself. My father left us when I was only two years old and her parents gave up their own daughter because she became a divorcee, a very shameful social position, according to their opinion. So, there were always just two of us, moving from apartment to apartment, making new household every few years, imagining to have our own home one day. Still, wherever we lived, Mom made it the coziest place on the world. Every place we lived in had something unique: hand painted drapes, closets, or walls and even sculptures from a broken mirror. She made all of that for me, to feel good in small, old, poorly lighted apartments, the only ones we could afford. All my friends liked to come by and they liked my mom, too. And she was never too tired to make the most unusual cookies, or pastry for us.

Yes, definitely, my Mom is a witch. How else to explain that she could make the most divine meals out of nothing, or almost nothing. She invented recipes at the place. Just passed through supplies, thought deeply for few seconds and said:

“O.K. Let’s do some magic!”

Although people like her, she is not a people’s person. I perfectly understand why she prefers animals over people but will never get used to the way she talks to animals and how they understand her. Especially cats, they are her favorite. If you see a woman feeding street animals and talking to them, that’s probably my mom. Since we have our own house now, she filled it with cats. Well, I brought a few abandoned kittens and some of our adopted cats were already pregnant, so we have a big, happy family. Not to mention our dog who is a kind of “a cat supervisor”.

So far, I told you how pleasant my mother is with animals and my friends. But when it comes to my boyfriends, my mother is quite another mythical creature. Try with Cerberus. When I started to complain that no one of potential boyfriends is of her liking, she just told me:

“Our roles are in constant animosity. We can’t be friends, because both me and your potential boyfriend are supposed to be persons who love you the most and want the best for you. The problem is that our definitions of “best for you” are completely different. Of course, my definition is the right one.”

I will never forget the moment when she told to one of my boyfriends:

“ I really hate stupid people, because they can’t use words. Since they can’t use words properly, they are misunderstood and because they are misunderstood, they get pissed off very easily and became violent. The moment that happen to my daughter, I’ll be there, no matter how far I am from her, to kill that unworthy creature. I am old enough to accept the life term prison in return for my baby’s safety.”

“But, Mom! How could you say such a thing?”

“What? We were chatting random topics when that popped up in a discussion.”

That’s my mom, she always manage people tell what she wants to know about them. Sometimes she is tactical, but sometimes she is brutal, depends on interlocutor’s character. Still, I can’t complain because I recognize more and more my mother’s in me, the older I am.

The best proof of my claim happened few days ago. I brought home a puppy I found on a crossroad of a busy street. My mom took it, gave it a bath, clear it from parasites and made it, I mean her, a nice addition to our twenty cats and a dog.

“Welcome home, my beautiful child. These are your siblings, uncles and aunts and I am your mother.”

And she just continue follow her divine path- to be a mother of all abandoned creatures.


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  1. This was an excellent narrative and I can relate to your mom’s sense of protectiveness. My daughter is almost dating age, and if someone dares to break her heart I am capable of breaking something of theirs in return.

  2. …me too love my mom…everyone deserves to love their mom in return for once we were from their wombs til the day we were born, they really know what’s best for us…so cheers for all our moms… Nice story for this blog Zaklina.. Good job 🙂

  3. A mother; no matter how irritating they are, (in our eyes) they always want the best for us. I like her phrase “The moment that happens to my daughter, I’ll be there, no matter how far I am from her”. Shows how much she cares for you. Appreciate her while she’s still with you.

    • Since I’ve become a mother I was able to see both perspectives. Many times, I wasn’t happy for what I saw, but I was thankful for the gift to see me from the point of a mother, as well as from the point of a child. And I know very well how irritating my requests and rules can be to my daughter, because I was in her shoes, once upon a time… 🙂

  4. “Mother is the most faithful friend we have. At times when we are subjected to harsh trials; when adversity takes the place of success; when our comrades hand over us; when heavy trouble reaches us, she will be with us and will do her best to distract the darkness that has descended upon us and to bring peace again to our hearts. “- Washington Irving


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