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Blue Velvet Sky Trance by Rachael Alice Orbach רחל אליס אורבך שמיים כחולים

Trance Music Rocks and you can do so much with it if you have a good beat!  So here’s the beat and beautiful pictures, some are mine, and some are my daughter’s and just a few are public domain.

I had the beat in my head, and then I heard some Green Velvet on You Tube,  but there Heard only the beat and no music, so I added in some music. It doesn’t have to cover up the beat. I like comments about how I can make it better!  Below is the link to my CD Baby Page.

Most of the songs on that page will be exclusive to CD Baby and not on YouTube.  So if you want more music, you can go there!  I also available for commission work. If you want a song for a specific combination,  I can compose for you too.  I just finished one for  Viola and Piano.  PM me and let’s make a deal!


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