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Best YouTube Channels #1

I thought it would be fun to share about some of my favorite YouTube channels.  I will make this a series like I did with my “song of the day” posts.  I don’t plan to post one every day, but I will as often as I can.  I am subscribed to many YouTube channels so I should have plenty to share!

The first is Rhett and Link.  They have a few different channels including; Rhett and Link, Good Mythical Morning, Good Mythical More, and a few others.  Now they even have a show on YouTube Red called Buddy System.

They are on the top 10 richest YouTube creators list with earning over $5 million.  I always wondered how they keep up their channel with a big team working behind the scenes, but now it is easy to see.

I started watching them back when they did the Taco Bell drive through song (have you all seen that video?) Then I got into watching their Good Mythical Morning show which has now been on YouTube for 11 seasons.  They do different skits, and crazy challenges.  One of their most famous things they do on their show is “Will It”.  That is where they take different things (for example today was snow cones) and see if different foods and other items can be turned into a snow cone.

I have to say they are very brave for some of the things they try out.  They eat some disgusting things sometimes, I don’t know how they can do it.

It’s also fun to watch their friendship, they have been friends since they were kids.  I hope they still create content for many years to come.

Do any of you watch Rhett and Link?  What do you think about their content?  Are you a subscriber of theirs?


What do you think?


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