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Best Youtube Challenges: Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Try to imagine clumsy boyfriends that don’t make difference between mascara and blush, and simply are not capable to come any near to the eyes with something deadly like lash curler or a eyeliner brush, and they are asked to do the makeup of famous Youtube makeup artists. Brave one, ha?

At the end, these videos are absolutely funny. Some of the MUA- boyfriends are simply amazing in their first try as a MUA, but some of them made their girlfriends to look like a makeup disaster.

Check them out and rank the best MUA- boyfriend!

#1 Alfie and Zoella

The Brighton based couple Youtubers, have made many collaborations together. This time, they responded to the challenge Boyfriend does my makeup with a funny video (longer, but entertaining). The end result actually is great! Good job, Alfie!

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#2 Felix “PewDiePie” and Marzia “CutiePie”

This absolutely hilarious couple, once again made us laugh with the MUA skills that Felix demonstrated. Very cute and very funny!

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#3 Nikkie Tutorials and Rick

We all love the talent of Nikkie as a MUA, but this time we see how her boyfriend (not a Youtuber) does her makeup. He probably tried to recreate her bold and intense makeup looks, until he made a hilarious mess! Cute couple and terrible makeup worth watching!

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#4 Carli Bybel and Brett Cap

One of the most gorgeous couples on Youtube, and also, one of the worst boyfriend-MUA ever! Eyeliner is the toughest skill for learning even for women, but men truly struggle with that tool! It is a simply horrific makeup look. Oh well, men prefer natural look!

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#5 Lydia and Ali

This is one of the longest makeup tutorials ever, but still, one of the best makeup looks done by a complete amateur boyfriend. He even used lash curler! This guy is a keeper!

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#6 Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman

This gorgeous Youtube couple once again shows us that they are just a couple goals! Jim does Tanya' s makeup, little bit clumsy, but successful. So handy to have a boyfriend around house that does your makeup as good as you!

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