Behind The Scenes at the Emmy’s 2017

Behind the Scenes at the Emmy Awards 2017 displays celebrities being themselves by expressing their true feelings. I didn’t watch the awards because I don’t watch much mainstream media, although I usually watch the award shows, if I am aware it on TV. When I watch these awards, I like to blog about it and create my own list, in which I think my list is a lot better than this video. I would have also commented on the red carpet fashions as well as any silly mishaps.

  1. Many celebrities were wearing a blue ribbon to promote ACLU.
  2. Shaylene Woodley never watches TV anymore because she prefers to read a good book. She dislikes the media industry.
  3. Sean Spicer shows up at the Emmy’s with his speech, after Melissa McCartney had done a skit about of him disguised as a bald man.
  4. Jackie Hoffman was very pissed after Laura Dern won the Emmy.
  5. Ben Affleck was seen with his new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus.
  6. Dave Chappalle and John Oliver promoted D.C. public schools.
  7. The In Memoriam section included Roger Ailes, who was mostly known for sexual harassment charges, and many people weren’t happy to see him included while other dead people were omitted from the list.
  8. Sterling K. Brown overdid it with his Emmy acceptance speech, and loud music cut him off to force him to end his speech. (That isn’t something new because it happens with someone every year).
  9. Jermaine Fowler did the voice over at the Emmys.


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