Becky Lynch turns heel at WWE Summerslam

At WWE Summerslam we witnessed the heel turn of Becky Lynch on her best friend Charlotte Flair after Charlotte won the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship. If you are an avid World Wrestling Entertainment fan like myself you seen this coming once Charlotte was added to the scenario in a triple threat between Becky Lynch and Carmella. From a fans view it seems like the WWE screwed Becky out of a fair chance to win the Smackdown Championship against Carmella, which Becky did earn while Charlotte was gone. In all advocacy of Becky, what did Charlotte do to deserve to be added to this picture? Is this the reward for saving Becky from a beat down by Carmella on July 31 episode of WWE Smackdown, or is it because she is the daughter of Ric Flair?

On August 21 episode of WWE Smackdown, we seen the two collide after Becky explained why she attacked Charlotte which was because Becky felt Charlotte has been holding her back from the spotlight and Becky realized that after being pinned by her so-called best friend Charlotte at Summerslam.

Becky explains why she turned on Charlotte at Summerslam

This whole scenario has a weird twist to it because Becky is being pushed as a heel, where Charlotte is being pushed as the baby face that loses a friend. From a fans view, it is hard to get behind Charlotte when you see it similar to the way Becky sees it because in all honesty many of us wanted to see Becky win the Smackdown Championship from Carmella at Summerslam versus Charlotte winning it.

Charlotte Flair after winning Smackdown Championship
Becky attacks Charlotte at Summerslam

I ‘am curious to see where the WWE goes with this rivalry because I do understand that Becky versus Charlotte is a bigger sell than Becky versus Carmella. With that being said, feel free to leave your predictions on this buildup.

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