Back Stage – 3

Over the years, Ellen had been stepped on by a lot of the members of the organisation.  People who thought they were special.  Who treated her not as an equal but as a servant.

Ellen accepted the fact that she always had been useful and unassuming, and those who were useless and pretentious used her.

Now, putting together this Ceremony to Honour a world famous celebrity,  using the opportunity to Award members of the organisation,  Ellen had created the perfect response.

As all the so-called special people were to be given an award, and as they needed to always be late to prove their significance. she would would set the Award Ceremony to begin bang on at Five p.m.

Those who had been particularly unpleasant to her would be at the front of the queue.   She would call their names first.  This meant they should not as yet have arrived, so the Award would not be collected by them and they would not gain their 15 seconds of fame.

Those who were not particularly unpleasant, just unpleasant would be called next, so that by fifteen minutes past the hour she would have disposed of those who thought she was a door mat, move on to those who were decent, and by thirty minutes past five, she should have reached the final award, that for the celebrity.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar