Attack of the Giant Killer Slugs!

This photo is a bit dim, but if you tilt the screen, you may be able to see that there is a very large slug in the picture! Actually, it wasn’t really that big: it was just an ordinary slug that I spotted crawling across my car windscreen as I was driving along, so I took a pic of it on my phone! It just looks huge, because it is in close-up. I think it is quite disturbing, like a scene from a 1950’s B-movie, eg: “Attack of the Giant Killer Slugs from Outer Space!” LOL. This is a variation on my ongoing  “weird and wonderful” theme.


What do you think?

Written by Maggie Bailey


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    • Thanks Carol DM. Sorry, I don’t quite understand your last comment? “I should be label to tell who actually reads my post”??? I can tell from the comments, obviously and the Up votes, but not just from the views.

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