Atomic Blonde – Movie Review

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I just finished watching latest Charlize Theron movie and I must say I have confused thoughts about the movie. The bad thing is that the movie lasts for two hours which could have been shortened. There was no need for it to last that long. But, hey I was not the producer. The choice of actors is pretty good and they all did a great job, there is no argue about that.

Charlize is perfect as always. She plays an agent who goes to Germany to find a very special list. The moment she steps on German soil, she is in trouble. A lot of great action scenes during the entire movie. Charlize is kicking like a pro. There is no lack in action. But, the real surprise comes in the end. I haven’t read this comic book, so I can not say if it is all done according to the original story line.

All in all, it is not a bad movie, but it is that kind of movie which you can skip.

Have you seen it ? What are your thoughts and opinions?


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