Astrological Insights 5.17.21

Monday, May 17, 2021

Full SuperMoon on May 26th. The lunar eclipse has Saturn retrograde, which will move into Mercury Retrograde, with Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Energy will explode, exposing many things all over the world. Information will open up and come through from intuitive or psychic or God, maybe even through dreams.

Saturn goes retrograde and May 23rd until October 2021. There will be conflict and chaos around us during that time. Everything will be in your face. People will need to become more spiritual for answers, which will include doing lots of meditation and praying to God.

Your reality will shift. Don’t do anything major a week before or after a lunar eclipse or full moon.

People will divide with their energy. There will be restructuring. Mercury Retrograde will be on May 29th in Gemini. Your communications might be chaotic. Be careful what you say. Geminis will be very affected by these events. (my rising is in Gemini). Fire signs will act up. (my sun sign is in Leo). We are being leveled up consciously. Things will look different around you. People will divide into groups. There will be an understanding of your neighborhood. Stupid people will finally wake up and open their eyes.


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