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Ashley Vox vs. Anthony Greene

This match was a inter-gender match up by Limiteless Wrestling. I tend to love watching inter-gender wrestling matches because most women do not hold back when paired against the men. And in most cases you will see a female wrestlers true ability when going against men because in order to have a great female to female match up both have to be equally matched in skill in order for it to captivate.

In this match up Anthony Greene had this chip on his shoulder, trying to make a point that Ashley Vox did not belong in the ring with him. Both traded moves back-and-fourth, with Ashley’s resilience keeping her in it as she often caught Anthony with her armbar and fishhooking that she calls the ‘Reel Catch’. After a suicide dive out of the ring that took out The Platinum Hunnies, Ashley defeated Anthony by catching him in the ‘Real Catch’ after Anthony attempted a move off of the ropes.

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    • Oh yeah I definitely miss Chyna. You know, I have actually came across some of Tessa Blanchard’s matches, but haven’t watched. A few days ago I just saw an encounter with Disco Inferno which I’m sure a match is in the works.

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