Andre Rieu – Amazing Grace

I’ve always been a big fan of Andre Rieu.  And with the likes of websites like You Tube, I am able to get my fix from time to time of his music.  One of my favourites is him and his orchestra playing Amazing Grace.  At the start of the song we have the bagpipes which are simply amazing.

I think we’ve all heard songs in the past that can be really emotional.  Either a specific song will remind us of someone or a time in our lives.  I think the way the whole orchestra and the bagpipe players play this song makes always makes me feel emotional.  I just love it.  I could watch this over and over again and still love it.  There’s so many more of his videos on You Tube I love and could watch a million times lol.  Alas, I’ve never seen him live but would love to.  I really do love Andre Rieu and his music.

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