Anabelle’s Creation Movie Review (SPOILERS ALERT!)

It’s been countless days/weeks that I haven’t post a story it is because that I’ve been to busy at school and looking for job but I could not find any. Well, let’s start the review of this horror movie: Anabelle’s Creation. Before you read this please note that there will be spoilers here. If you haven’t watched the movie yet you can go watch the movie first or not, the choice is yours.

I recently watched the movie: Anabelle’s Creation, from the start there where a family where Anabelle is there daughter. Anabelle was killed after crossing the street to help her father. Since the mourning days of her Mother (House wife) and Father (Doll Maker) both of them hoped that if Anabelle will just be alive even tho it is good or bad just to keep their family alive. After those days Anabelle started to give glimpses to the house and start to ask for a permission to possess the doll in which they can actually see their daughter physically and they said yes.

And the story goes on in here that Anabelle was released by the orphan named “Janice”. Sorry but I could not continue the story because I may say the complete story here. Just let me get it to the main REVIEW!


If you like to watch a new horror movie this is actually a must watch for me as it covers some of the story you haven’t knew yet (Conjuring). I would actually say that CONJURING UNIVERSE is starting to build up as we don’t even know yet the back story of the NUN.

For a quick recap:Present: Conjuring Past: Anabelle

I will give this movie a rating of: 9/10 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy reading my review, it actually kinda suc*s but I really love the movie just go watch it guys instead reading my review which is suc*s haha!


What do you think?

Written by Kent David


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