Me, ambivalent? Well, yes and no.

Realizing that you have more than one choice makes your brain go through a meltdown. All the hamsters run ecstatically for their lives as you flicker through the ceaseless mental lottery balls of “yes” and “no”, merging together and forming a football sized “maybe”.

Hmm. Which one should I choose?

I’d recommend starting off with “Restless”.

Wasn’t it easier when we were children, our mothers making all the choices for us? Even when we had to endure the oversized diaper pants and the notorious, excruciating bowl haircuts. We could at least remain in a blissful ignorance of not having to choose.

 Who cares. Look at that happy face. 

 (And yes that’s me).

But since we cannot eternally remain children (which is lame), we will eventually have to choose and pick in life. (Vanilla or strawberry ice cream? Oh man, why is my life so complicated?!)

One experience I’ve nevertheless had with the sensation of ambivalence is that if I ponder too profoundly about something (including ice cream choices), my answer is typically always a big, screeching “NO”. I’m realizing that anything which makes the hamsters run for their lives inside my head can’t possibly be good for me. I’m talking about bigger things than ice cream (ok that sounded blasphemous).

I’m talking about big life choices.

If I’m uncertain whether I should travel to a certain destination, I most likely should not. If it cannot be fairly spontaneous it will end up being a cluster my head.

“Should I travel to Budapest?” “Hmm, maybe” “Should I apply for this job?” “Myah, yeah, perhaps.”

… No. Your questions should be replied with a big, resonant “YES!!!” otherwise you’re not sufficiently dedicated and determined.  

Be like YES or be like whatever.


What do you think?


Written by avantg4rde

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