Amazing Farewell Party Ideas

Your best friends are moving far away and you’re completely desperate because you think that this is the end of your friendship? We completely understand your concern; however, you mustn’t let the bad thoughts and feelings overwhelm you. Instead, throw them an amazing farewell party and show them that they have truly fabulous friends who will never forget them! Here are four useful tips on how to plan a goodbye party with success, so keep on reading, check them out, and get down to business right away!

Pick the party theme in the first place

Farewell parties are a fantastic opportunity to have a lot of fun with party themes, so take advantage of that and choose a cool theme everyone will love. For example, destination parties are a great choice if your friends are moving to Miami or any similar place, as this is a very specific destination that calls for a lot of palm tree decorations, cocktails, and flip flops. On the other hand, there are also packing parties that are both entertaining and practical at the same time, as the guests will help the host pack their stuff and tackle this task without any stress. As you can see, possibilities are truly infinite, so pick a theme according to the reason for a goodbye party and you’ll do a good job!

Decide when and where your party is going to take place

Picking the perfect date and place where the party is going to take place is one of the most important parts of planning a farewell party for your friend. Of course, such parties are usually held a few days or a week before their departure date; however, it all depends on your friend’s moving plans. If you think that the last week before moving will be extremely hectic for them, you should definitely choose an earlier date. As for the party venue, it can be anything from your apartment to your favourite pub, bar, or restaurant. Just make sure to book it in time, so that your plans don’t fail if the venue in question is unavailable!

Make entertainment your priority

Needless to say, entertainment undoubtedly is one of the most essential parts of any party, so bear that in mind and you won’t make a mistake. For example, coming up with various party games is always a good idea – especially if you’re going for an informal farewell party. Roast and Toast is a nice choice, and all you have to do is to sit in a circle, share your favourite memories with the person who’s moving, and then toast. This is a fantastic way to share a laugh. Besides that, did you know that photo booths are getting increasingly popular all over the globe – including Australia? That’s right, so opt for a photo booth hire in Sydney and all your guests will get to keep the photos and have them as one-of-a-kind memory that’ll always remind them of this special night!

Choose the best food and drinks selection

Your food and drinks selection is another crucial part of any party – including the farewell one, so be sure to give it another thought and come up with a simple yet effective menu. Of course, it should also depend on the party venue and the overall theme, but there are some options that are frequently picked due to their universality. For example, pizza is always a great choice, and the same goes for mini burgers, stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs, and all kinds of bruschetta (and their alternative versions for vegetarians and vegans, if necessary). As for the drinks, it gets fairly simple, too. Apart from red and white wine, you should also come up with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of different cocktails. That’s about it!

As you can tell, there truly are many important things you should bear in mind when planning an amazing farewell party for your friends who are about to move. Even though this can be a very sad moment in your lives, you shouldn’t let that discourage you, so stick to our tips and guidelines and throw a fabulous goodbye party for your loved ones. Trust us when we say that they’ll love the idea and appreciate your effort, so give it a fair shot and you won’t regret it. That’s a promise!


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Written by Stella Ryne

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