Amazing Facts About Dreams You Probably Didn’t Know About

There are so many unanswered questions connected to dreaming. We are all somehow aware about the definition of a dream – it happens through the dreaming process. But dreams are much more than that. We are going to list some of the most amazing facts about dreams that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Lucid Dreaming

A lot of people are interested in practicing the so-called lucid or conscious dreaming. It is about learning to assume control of your dreams and if you learn the techniques you can do amazing stuff like passing through walls, flying, even time travelling!

2. Sleep Paralysis

If hell was real, it would definitely be called sleep paralysis. This horrible state is characterized by two things: the sensing of an evil presence in the room and the inability to move, or hence paralysis. This kind of dream doesn’t feel like a dream, it unfortunately feels 100% real!

3. Sexual Dreams

This is a very well documented phenomena, and it happens to most of us during our dream. Yeah, it does mean you can get an erection during sleep and some times you even won’t be aware of it.  Some people believe that sexual dreaming is a demonic thing, and that it should be seen as a problem rather than a satisfaction.

4. Sleepwalking

This is a very dangerous sleep disorder. People that sleepwalk have an extreme form of REM disorder. It is actually very rare and not many people experience these “night adventures” that can be dangerous most of the time.

5. Black&White Dreams

Not every one can dream in color. Surprisingly, around 12% of people dream only in black and white.

6. Pets Can Dream Too

Yes, our pets can dream also! If you see your pet moving its paws, shaking or making noises during the sleep, than your buddy is definitely on the way to catch someone in their dream!

7.  The Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher is one of the most well-known American symbols, believed to give its owner some good dreams. It is believed to be one of the most fascinating American traditions!

8. Dream Drug

There are people that adore sleeping and dreaming, so much that they never wanna wake up! These kind of people usually go beyond the limit and take an extremely potent hallucinogenic pill called Dimethyltryptamine, which is an illegal drug. It is a synthetic form of producing what our brain produces in a natural way while dreaming.

9. Premonition Dreams

There are some times when we actually “predict” what can happen to us in reality through dreaming. This kind of phenomena is called premonition dreaming. You must admit that you have been shocked at least once in your life, about something happening to you that you had previously dreamed of. The same exact situation!


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Written by Alex

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