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Alternative therapies for relax – part 1

When you have an urgent need for soothing and relaxation, you can choose alternative therapies. They are either quiet, or require the use of excess power and energy.


Apart from artistic and aesthetic significance, it is also a very good alternative for resting the mind. The beauty of flowers is a delight to the eyes and a seduction for the spirit. Gardening (along with reading, painting, etc.) belongs to the so-called “Quiet activities”. When urban noise, tension and eternal hurry come to an end, engaging in a quiet, relaxing activity is a good retreat. In addition, some flowers also have a protective and calming effect. Cactus, placed in front of the computer monitor trap harmful radiation and keep the eyes.

Calorie foods

Eating ice cream or hamburgers in a fit of rage is a classic scene of the movies in which the in love heroine parted with his partner. Swallowed by anxiety, we mechanically put a piece of chocolate into our mouths and trample, even when we’re already sitting. The shaken nervous system sends wrong signals and the metabolism disturbs its rhythm. The different mental state is also a cause of a different physical. In a state of irritation and restlessness, people lose their skill and desire to control themselves. The unpleasantness that has provoked the bad mood also gives a negative hint to other vital signs. Feeding distracts and acts soothing for a short time, but the consequences are quite disturbing – overeating, guilt, and so on.

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  1. Although I do not do any gardening, I agree that it sounds very relaxing. For me relaxation is doing my crafts whether it be knitting, crochet, tatting, cross stitch, needlepoint and soon to come point lace. The only aggravation around these is choosing a pattern. Also, just going out for a walk for me is very relaxing. Great article especially the mention of a cactus near a laptop or computer. I had never heard of that one before. BTW thank you very much for your up vote on my latest post.

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