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All the Time in the World

All the carefully built brick walls I have wrapped myself up in cracked today. One was a song I heard by Louis Armstrong that strongly made me realize that I really wish my husband had all the time in the world and that his passing had not been the turn of fate and that we cannot account for any of our tomorrows.

At least it was a sunny day and I could keep myself busy with my writing work. As they say, there is so much work and so little time but I am trying to keep up with everything.


What do you think?


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    • Grace if you really don’t care for music videos my kind suggestion is if you like read the content but ignore the video. That is the best I can do because I will keep posting videos. In fact today I have a very interesting one about my cat Sid, a palm tree, and a song by ABBA that goes perfect with the story.


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