A lucky lady wins over $2 million dollars playing the slots in New Jersey


I am wondering what are the odds that one person regardless of gender would spend $10 on a slot a machine and collect over $2.4 million dollars on their only spin of the one armed bandit as the critics of slot machines call them?

A woman who makes her home Hawthorne New Jersey who did not give out her name played $10 on the Wheel Of Fortune Sapphire Gold slot machine and won the Grand Prize of $2.481.940.75 on Saturday which was Labor Day weekend.

It is very rare that any person plays a slot machine game that pays out the grand prize on only one spin on the game.

What will be interesting is how much money will be taken out in taxes by the Federal Government, the state of New Jersey and most likely the city tax.

Hopefully the woman from Hawthorne New Jersey uses her new found casino money wisely since now she will now have to deal with new friends who will see her as an automatic teller machine and give her hard luck stories so can assist them.

The best advice that many gamblers have told the woman from Hawthorne have ranged from congratulations to joining the Millionaire Club to stay away from the Borgata Casino in the future since she will be a marked person for life.

However I want to issue my congratulations to the woman from Hawthorne since it is very rare for one play on a slot machine to win the grand prize. Just call her a Lucky Lady.

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