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A Hard Day’s Night

One of the all-time fun movies which I still enjoy watching today is The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night. However, it may take a moment or two to realize what the movie is all about as you watch the Fab Four dashing about like crazy while their fantastic music plays. Basically the plot of the movie is that they’re running to catch a train while hordes of adoring fans chase them. To make the movie a delight to watch we know that they have to get to a TV show so that they can give a live concert. Meanwhile, as they attempt to do this we see a lot of slapstick, zaniness, and just plain old wacky fun.

  • We see Paul McCartney babysitting granddad played by Wilfrid Brambell. Granddad is known to always get into some mischief. Running joke in the movie is that he is a “clean old man”.
  • Ringo Starr searches for liberation and finds himself hoisted off to jail for loitering.
  • John Lennon fires a string of playful barbs at the TV director played by Victor Spinetti who’s worried that if the Beatles wind up leaving him in the lurch he’ll wind up doing the news in Welsh.
  • George Harrison gets mistaken for an auditioning actor for a trendy TV show hosted by a trend setter hostess. George insists that she is a well-known drag.

The cast is rounded out by two English character actors Norman Rossington and John Junkin as The Beatles managers providing the movie with their own brand of lunacy. Finally, everyone and everything gets tied up together when the movie ends with a loud music blasting concert and the band goes off running from their adoring fans once more.


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