A Halloween Message

Every Halloween you think you’ve heard all the urban legends about this ancient 7000-year-old Celtic harvest ritual in which it was believed, that on Halloween night on 27th October, the dead are released from their graves and are permitted to partake of the harvest festivities and to mingle with the living. Just when you think you have heard them all, another scary tale pitches up with a twist in its tail. This one I must admit, I have not heard before as it is an entire fabrication, cooked up in my imagination during the early hours of midnight.

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Ruby Cassidy and her friends are having a Halloween party and have decided to really dial up the thrill gauge, by adding an Ouiji board as the main feature. The Ouiji board delivers all the fun they can handle and then some…

Ruby is still screaming when the police car arrives, and a single officer, his cap held respectfully in his hands, approaches the front door:”Miss Ruby Cassidy, “Yes” Ruby replies.”I’m afraid, I have some bad news…”


What do you think?

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