A former college football player plays the role of a Good Samaritan

The name of Mitch Zajac may not be a household name out of the Western Michigan Broncos college football team as one of their best linebackers during his time at school.

However Mitch has been given the mantle of a Good Samaritan when on December 17, 2018 during a cold day near Howell Michigan, Mitch assisted a driver who was involved in an auto accident on Interstate 96 when Mitch was on his way to work.

Mitch admitted that he could have just decided to let someone else play the role of hero to assist the driver of an auto that was overturned in a two auto accident, the accident scene would turn from bad to worse quickly.

What Mitch did next was to stop his auto from going eastward and get his auto next to the overturned auto that was on the interstate shoulder to offer the driver who was inside the overturned auto who was trying to get out of his auto through the driver’s side window to assist him to leave the damaged auto to safety.

Mitch and another passerby who assisted Mitch to assist the injured driver waited until the medical personnel arrived to deal with the driver who was injured in the auto accident at the time that the traffic in the interstate started to halt due to the auto accident on the first day where the winter weather started to play havoc in the area.

Despite the enormous praises on Mitch for assisting a driver who needed his help during an auto accident on Interstate 96, Mitch insisted that he is not a hero, just doing his duty to assist others in trouble.


It goes to show all of us that even though the majority of college football players do not make it to the National Football League as a full time career, the education they get in college is useful in fields outside of sports.

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