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A Fall from Grace

I just finished watching this movie on Netflix. It was so so good. I highly recommend it. Grace was accused of murdering her young new husband. She was sent to jail and wanted to protect her friend and her son so pleaded guilty. She got a lawyer from the Public Defender’s Office that was a novice and only did plea deals. She was perfect, but, then the lawyer started to see there were things that did not match up. She did not take the plea deal to the DA and instead wanted to go to court and win the case. Her friend was the defense’s only witness and said Grace murdered her husband. Grace was fired from the bank where you she worked because she was accused of embezzling money. She worked there a long time and nothing was checked into. She discovered that her new husband did it because he said he owed money. He did not care about her and only used her to get her money. He was a liar and it turned out he has been taking money from elderly for a long time and so has his mother. It turned out that her friend was his mother and she changed her name and so did he. The lawyer found out what was going on and was tied up by the son that was not dead afterall. The lawyer’s husband figured out and came to find her and he saved her. Grace was set free, but, the mother was still out there. I hope you will check it out. It is a very good movie. Even if you do not have Netflix maybe you can find it on something else.


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