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A Bit of Hollywood in Latvia

Cinevilla was built as a set for the movie “Defenders of Latvia” in 2004. It has become a mix of historic recreation and a Hollywood-like fantasy world. Today it is a backlot in the Tukums Municipality in Slampe Parish in Latvia.

The complex stretches for more than 370 acres and has all the features of early 20th century Latvia among them a small town, a city that looks like Riga, the capital and typical Latvian farmland. It looks for all the world like a ghost town movie set. There are three bridges crossing a man-made river that also features a steamship replica, dating back to turn-of-the-century Riga.

When movies are not being filmed in Cinevilla, visitors can come to explore and spend the night. During the summertime, they can accommodate 46 visitors in 12 cabins for a night spent in the 1900s. Visitors can find refreshments in the on-site Latvian pub and watch as bread is baked in the local bakery. I would suggest not imbibing in too many spirits as you just might not know what century you wake up in.

Recently they opened the Hotel Cinevilla and it’s the only hotel in the Baltic States that offers accommodation services in the real Filmtown. The hotel rooms are made up of popular Latvian and foreign movie themes. On the first floor are rooms that are dedicated to the movies “Captain Enrico’s Pocket Watch”, “Theater”, “17 Moments of Spring” and “Steal Dragons”. On the second floor are rooms devoted to actress Elizabeth Taylor, Detective Sherlock Holmes, the Baron Munchausen and two theme rooms devoted to Latvian films “Lake Sonata” and “Dream Team 1935”.

Accommodations in the rooms are from 2 to 6 people and children are especially welcome. Room rates include breakfast at the Cinevilla Pub.


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