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8 Simple Tips for Beginners who wants to be a Writer or a Blogger

There are also a lot people who hate writing because it’s boring and time consuming also. And they don’t find literature as an interesting field to enjoy. To be honest, I’m one of those haters before. But it changed me as time goes by when I read a lot of works; either novels, short stories, poems,magazines, newspapers, articles, blogs or just anything that I could read.

Reading a lot convinced me and inspired me to be a writer and a blogger. But beginnings are always the hardest. From a hater to a writer? Oh, come on! I really don’t know where to start and how will I start. I really did undergo into the pressure of HOWS and WH questions as  a newbie writer and blogger. And being a newbie in that time pushed me to read a lot of blogs about tips for newbies, how to start writing, where will you start, etc. But based on my experience, before thinking of anything else like how will you publish your works, will your work be a trending piece that everyone would love to read, how will you be a good writer or blogger and so on; it lead me to the point to go back to the basic things that every newbies should do first before going to the next level considering and doing great things.

Here are the eight simple tips for beginners who wants to write something on their paper or blog about their interests:


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Written by Strikel Ame

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