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8 Simple Tips for Beginners who wants to be a Writer or a Blogger

There are also a lot people who hate writing because it’s boring and time consuming also. And they don’t find literature as an interesting field to enjoy. To be honest, I’m one of those haters before. But it changed me as time goes by when I read a lot of works; either novels, short stories, poems,magazines, newspapers, articles, blogs or just anything that I could read.

Reading a lot convinced me and inspired me to be a writer and a blogger. But beginnings are always the hardest. From a hater to a writer? Oh, come on! I really don’t know where to start and how will I start. I really did undergo into the pressure of HOWS and WH questions as  a newbie writer and blogger. And being a newbie in that time pushed me to read a lot of blogs about tips for newbies, how to start writing, where will you start, etc. But based on my experience, before thinking of anything else like how will you publish your works, will your work be a trending piece that everyone would love to read, how will you be a good writer or blogger and so on; it lead me to the point to go back to the basic things that every newbies should do first before going to the next level considering and doing great things.

Here are the eight simple tips for beginners who wants to write something on their paper or blog about their interests:

#1 Choose your genre.

What are your interests? What topics you like to talk about? What things you research most of the time? What things you love that you wanna write or blog about? These basic questions will help you choose what kind of genre you're going to delve in and work out. Always think of the things you're interested about. It's still good doing things you love than keep working on things you're not really into. It will only be a disaster, so choosing your genre is important.

#2 Research about it.

If you're a beginner, it's also one of the important basics that you research more about your genre. Why? Because it will help you to have more informational background on what kind of writing you will do. Reading a lot of works on your chosen field will help you get acquainted with the rules and formats for you to do your work properly and correctly. Just always remember, if you want to go to a battle, make sure you're prepared. And being prepared is also getting to know about what kind of battle you're going to.

#3 Read a lot.

After researching about your genre, the next step would be reading a lot of works under your chosen field. That's one secret of most writers and bloggers. They read a lot. They actually read anything under the sun. They take anything as an opportunity that will help themselves improve and be a better writer.  So, if you want to be a pro and a successful writer or blogger, JUST READ AND READ AND READ!

#4 Ready to start? Think of a good topic you want to write.

As a beginner, it always took us minutes, hours or even days just thinking of what topic we're going to write. We're always concern about a lot of things especially the quality of the content of our piece. We also think if, "Are there people whose going to read my article or my story?" "Will people love it or will they criticize it?" I know the feeling of a first timer writer or blogger. But before thinking of these things that bothers you a lot, just simply pick a good topic or story you wanna write about. Just pick things and decide from your heart. And write it with all your heart and life as if it's the only thing that matters to you right now. Give your passion to what you're doing because you will give life to whatever you'll write about. And it's normal if there will be people who'll love it or criticize it. As long that you choose a good topic that you love and you wrote it, that's the only thing that matters. Because as you write, you show who really you are as a writer or as a blogger. So, JUST BE YOURSELF. And always pick topics and stories with your heart in it.

#5 Trust yourself.

I know at first, writing will not be easy especially when you haven't written anything before, simply because it's not really your interest that time. There will also be times that as you start writing for the first time; you will get bored, you'll feel lazy especially if it's a long story and worse is you wanna stop writing already because it's just too brain-twisting just thinking of what more you can say and give to your readers. But no matter what issues you're facing, and no matter what problems you're thinking, TRUST YOURSELF! Trust yourself that you can do it. Trust yourself that you can damn finish writing your first story or article no matter how hopeless you are or no matter how many times you procrastinate it. Just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF that you can do it. And I know you can. Remember, IT STARTS WITHIN YOU!

#6 Use your imagination.

You wanna be a writer? USE YOUR IMAGINATION! Let your brain be active and play things as what you really want to happen. It also depends on what genre you chose. But it's either fiction or non-fiction, your imagination and your brain contributes a lot to your writing. Just be yourself. Just express what you really wanna say. Just make things happen just as what you picture out inside your brain. Let it go and let it flow. Who knows? Maybe your imagination is the best story that people will ever read. Remember, our imagination is the most beautiful and colorful place we ever went. And making it happen into papers or into blogs will be the greatest thing you can ever share to people experiencing the same wonderful thing that happened inside your brain. We do all have our own imaginations. Just show yours and be unique in your own way.

#7 Don’t stop writing.

Once you've started writing, the best thing I can say for you is... WRITE AND WRITE AND WRITE! And don't ever stop writing. Remember, beginnings are always the hardest. But as you keep on writing, you will really improve a lot better. And I know, things will be much easier as time goes by especially if you really love what you're doing. Whatever comes into your mind, whatever you feel, whatever you think about; WRITE IT ALL DOWN. That's the secret of writers and bloggers because they never stop writing until the last beat of their hearts. Simply because WRITING IS THEIR LIFE.

#8 Love it and enjoy it.

If you really want to be a writer or a blogger, you really have to love what you're doing. LOVE IT AND ENJOY IT! Put your heart in it. And it will be your passion. It will always make you happy knowing you can always share a lot of informations and stories to other people. You will enjoy what they compliment about you and even understand their criticisms. As long that you love it, you will never think that you're working for it. If you really love writing, it will become your LIFE you can't live without.


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Written by Strikel Ame


  1. Writing comes second to my love of drawing. I came to love both because I love to read comic books. When I draw, there is always a story behind. I guess that takes care of #6.
    This is a great post. Specially for beginners and good reminders for those who already started and encountered a huge hump in their writing journey.

  2. Writing came accidentally. Still do not consider myself such. I write for the same reason I crossword or Sodoku, maintaining mental acuity. It’s nice to have and audience but, one should do all things for themselves. Great post.

  3. I wanna thank all the people who considered my article as a helpful advice to them.. I also wanna thank everyone who put their comments.. I really appreciate it guys.. love you all…

  4. Awesome tips, Strikel!
    Recently I thought, «Why don’t I start blogging as my best friend! I always liked to write, even at school I just loved writing essays on different topics! But when I started blogging, I realized that it was not as simple as it seems. Thank God I came across your advice! They really helped me thank you! I also wanted to share with you the advice of my girlfriend. She advised me a great image editor for my blog photos – I can’t imagine my blog without beautiful photos from this site! And by the way, she cautioned me that I should always check my work in a tool like in order to save my ass and not be accused of plagiarism!

    • Wow! that’s great.. thank you so much for considering my blog as very helpful… of course.. you can start blogging or writing.. i know, you’ll be a great writer also.

  5. Good advice. Love writing but I also a procrastinator. Whenever I’m about to start writing, I’ll start doing other things, like what I’m doing now, and soon it’s time for other things and bye-bye writing slot, see you tomorrow. Think I have to get my procrastination cure first but I’m too busy trying to write that I don’t have the time to see a psychiatrist! ?

    • i understand.. don’t worry.. you’ll get over it soon.. i’m also procrastinating sometimes.. but i only put in mind that i need my article to be done as much as possible..

  6. yeah, and also read, read, read. the more one reads, they better they will write. a teacher in high school told me once that i need to read more because i tend to write with a lot of slang. that is why i started to read more.

    • yeah.. that’s true.. we need to read and read if we really want to be writers.. don’t worry.. i believe you’ll be one of the best writers someday..

  7. im very good at writing tho i love reading books and got plenty of collections..i start doing blogging like here just the past week and at times, im really lazy to write haha.
    thanks for sharing!very informative 😉

    • i really understand you.. hahahaha! relate here.. that’s why i wanna help writers like me how to keep going… especially the beginners who are less experienced and would probably be lazy at first..

  8. Great advice here. I love reading, writing, anything to do with words. But I find that I sometimes get writer’s block and inspiration doesn’t always come easily. It can be hard to get the words flowing! But you just have to keep at it, as you say. Sharing, btw.

    • Thank you for your nice comment.. I’m actually a hater of writing before.. and i cant believe i would love writing now.. yeah.. it’s hard also to keep the words flowing because it’s really brain-squeezing.. but no matter how hard it is.. as long as you love writing.. you will still get inspiration to keep on writing even just in small things.. that’s why i wanna help writers like me especially beginners.

  9. Wow Thanks for Inspiring reminders and motivation.. I’m proud of you my Daughter.. you wrote this long.. It inspires me and of course other people also.. just keep it up.. Mama very proud of you my loving daughter.. Good Luck..!