6 Reasons to Rent Rigging and Trussing

Whether you are planning a mind-blowing concert for your high school prom or your dream wedding or a product launch that will leave the town talking about it for decades to come, a stunning stage is essential. Trussing is the aluminium skeletal structure that gives a stage its support, customises stage design and holds lighting fixtures and up-right stands. These super heavy structures are elevated, installed, put into their respective places and secured using rigging and chain motors by experienced professionals.

If you are perplexed and wondering how to get this done without causing a disaster for your event, then the simple answer is to hire a technical production company for rigging rental. A reputed company employs certified technicians to deliver, install and remove staging using rigging while maintaining the Australian OH&S Standards. So, here are some of the perks of renting trussing and rigging.

  1. Cost

These are massive structures, machinery and equipment that come with an equally massive price tag. Even an imbecile would advise you to get it rented from a production company instead of investing your money on it for a one-time event. Even if you are managing event every six months, it is still better to get these essentials rented if you do not want to wipe off your bank account in long term capital investment with practically zero return.

  2. Wider Selection

Professional companies have an arsenal of instruments and machinery to deliver you with the best in the bizz. They come armed with the latest designs and technology in the field, which will not only be customized to your liking but also deliver the best results.

  3. No Extra Installation Hassle

Even if you buy your own trussing and rigging system, you will definitely need the help from professionals and experts to install the entire gigantic structure. These services are not only hard to find but also quite expensive. Renting the trussing and rigging will give you the benefit of free and hassle-free installation.

  4. No Maintenance

Even a tiny bicycle needs to be cared for and maintained so imagine what would need to go down in case of the ginormous structures and machinery involved in the job of trussing and rigging. It will exhaust not only your energy but also your pocket. Thus, rigging rental is the way to go. A single call and you will receive the best services and instruments, which are well maintained.

  5. No Extra Transportation Cost

Transporting heavy equipment is a mammoth task, to say the least, especially for inexperienced amateurs. It will drain your pocket, has immense potential to go completely wrong and is a risky business. Renting trussing and rigging will automatically take away the burden of transportation from your shoulders.

  6. No Storage Hassle

Storing the massive equipment will definitely need a lot of space that most of us do not have at our disposal. So, we have to resort to renting, which is again a drain of money unnecessarily.

For all these reasons, we suggest you go for the rental services from a trusted technical production company. Such companies can also assist you with event management, stage lighting, and audio-visuals.


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Written by Keith Wilson

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