500 kg Bomb of II World War has been defused in Germany

500 kilograms of explosives were recovered during the excavation for building construction in the city of Ludgarnan, Germany, During the Greater World War II, the United States bombed on Germany. However it could not blast due to bomb went deep in the earth.

After 70 years of World war II people felt scared to hear about the ¬†this bomb and thousand people left their homes and went to another place for safety. While the Bomb Disposal Squad defused the bomb after an hour’s struggle. After defusing the bomb the local administration, the citizens have been instructed to return to their homes.


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  1. Thousands of tons of such bombs fell across Serbia in the Second World War and 1999. when NATO bombed us.Uranium bombs were also used.Serbia is full of unexploded bombs.Sadly, a hundred innocent people are being killed.


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