5 Things That Make Joey Tribbiani The Best Of FRIENDS

How you doin??

The coolest gang FRIENDS, having one of the coolest member JOEY TRIBBIANI, a guy whom we still love till date.

And here’s why..

1. His Swag

Remember his ad, Ichiban, Lipstick for men. Do I need to say anything more of his swag on attitude?

2. Keeping The Child Inside Him Alive

And he could not sleep without hugging his soft toy, Mr Hugsy.

3. The Perfect Friend

He is the perfect friend who would always stand by your side.

4. Doing Anything To Save His Friends

Yup.. even if it was agreeing to peeing to save from the sting of the jellyfish.

5. And He Is Definitely To Hot To Handle

Do I need to say anymore.. He has always been the Ladies’ Man.


What do you think?

Written by Manni


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