5 Major Illuminati Symbols in Eyes Wide Shut

  1. Mirrors: a fractured mirror symbolizes multiple personalities created by trauma and torture via the MK-Ultra mind control program. Mirrors also symbolize portals to connect with demons for earthly enslavement and spiritual possessions.
  2. One Eye of Horuz has to do with child trafficking, child prostitution, sex slaves, ESP or Shining
  3. Stars and Pentagrams, which includes the 8-pointed Star: The 8-Pointed Star symbolizes Venus or Ishtar’s Star. The 5-Pointed Pentagram star symbolizes chaos and magic, and Disney often promotes this to kids. It also has to do with Black Mass. Toy stores are filled with mind control symbolism. Secret Society parties involve prostitution and orgies as well as satanic rituals. The Statue of Liberty was based on Ishtar.
  4. Rainbows has to do with MK-Ultra mind control, Lucifer, Satanism, Magick, Wizard of Oz, and falling into a trance as you enter a dreamlike world.
  5. Masks: Illuminati Masks, Mardi Gras Masks and Venice carnival Masks all seem to have the same look. It is is venetian, and it is about gods worship, homosexuality, gambling, drunkenness, and orgies. There is also secret caves, where secret societies perform their private parties of orgies, prostitution, Black Mass and other satanic rituals.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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