5.24.20 Lockdown Insights

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Today, I spend my morning upgrading my Skype because it wasn’t working on Windows 10. So, I went online to install a Skype version for Windows 10. My Skype account popped on my desktop. But I noticed it was my old account with Gumby’s photo. I wanted my other account. Luckily, I had my other account as the first account’s friend, in which I am friends with myself. My second account had my photo from when I was 24. So, I had the information on each account, which includes display name, username, and email. I got all the information for both. I tried to log into my other account, but for some reason I couldn’t get into that account. I went online to chat with Skype support people. I figured out the problem fast because I soon realized I was using the wrong name to log in, in which I ended up changing my passwords for both accounts. I realized the problem was that I was using the display name to log in instead of the username because I thought the display name was the username and maybe vise versa.  That was the problem. I used the username and the new password, and I logged into my other Skype account.

Then, I went on Youtube to watch videos. Since the video for my Lockdown Insights post is kind of long, I decided to just add the summary of insights for today.

California is not open yet, although the OC area is opened for in-restaurant dining. I wonder which restaurants, even though I rarely eat out.

“Stressed Blessed and Coffee Obsessed” (words on a tank top from Walmart).

Himalayan Salt Lamps? I have seen them. They look cool, but I have always wondered if they really work.

Encountering wildlife during hikes? I only encountered small animals, such as rabbits, squirrels, snake, ducks, geese, seagulls, owl, lizards, coyote (but he was walking away because he saw people and was scared, and the snake stayed still while the people walked by). I feel sorry for coyotes, wolves, and foxes because they are just wild dogs. They need to be in a wildlife sanctuary for their own safety. If they come to a residential neighborhood, they could get killed somehow, either by a crazy car driver or idiot with a gun, or someone else.

My top 3 makeup brands are Nyx, Wet N Wild, and Body Shop. I also have Choupette Lagerfeld makeup. And, I have lots of free samples from fashion events as well as some makeup gifts.

Today’s Card Readings from the video:

Pile 1: ready to speak to someone about something. Changes in home and family. Between now and middle of August. Someone doesn’t want to grow up. Don’t want to hear communication. Triggered with childhood stuff from family. Releasing childhood trigger with family member arguing about it with you.

Pile 2: end a business relationship. Doing too much work, and someone in business doesn’t want to give them credit. It is about expressing yourself by using knowledge and information to get credit. Need to restructure boundaries. Speak up. Hiding out and self-isolating because of boredom. You will step out, but you don’t know how. You want to meet new friends. Reinvent yourself and you are coming out as a new person.

Pile 3: Financial and marriage changes. Deception and envy. Trapped in fear.


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