5.1.20 Lockdown Insights

Friday, May 1, 2020

This evening, I went to a walking meetup at Woodbridge for two hours. I walked 4.6 miles, at around 10,424 steps. There were around 10 people in today’s group. Many other people were walking outside. Many ducks and geese had cute fuzzy babies. I returned home at 8 pm. People in the group were wearing their mask. I just wore my scarf around my neck. I didn’t feel I need it on my face.

I went on Youtube to watch some videos while I ate some toast with avocado spread. I topped it with some raw honey.

People in Huntington Beach are rising up against this Lockdown agenda. And, most weren’t wearing masks. A plane banner read, “Fire Gruesome Newsome, OPEN CALIFORNIA,” as it flew over California beaches.

Luciferians need people’s energy, similar to bloodsucking vampires. This also reminds me of that Rose the Hat in Dr. Sleep and her gypsy group, who need kids’ energy to remain young. Luciferians narcissists don’t have a soul. Luciferians are trying to make people who worship God appear evil because they are against their satanic Luciferian N.W.O. agenda.

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar stated that wearing a mask isn’t healthy.

Every day, many people are dying of bad treatment. It is a lot worse in Europe.

Finding your purpose, you need to be open to meet different people who will push you toward a direction. You are led to your life purpose.

It appears many people are asking her questions about their life, and she’s answering psychic-related questions. This is kind of interesting to listen to, similar to those radio talk shows.

Pile 1: someone is trying to control and dominate you. This person is doing something in secret. Bring the balance back. From now and December, you will find out. Who is trying to control you, what they are doing in their own life, and why they are focused on you?

Pile 2: taking your time for something. Preparing for something. Drawing something to her. Trying to attract something they want, which is probably romantic. It isn’t for you. Decision? Be careful what you wish for. Illusion? What do you really want?

Pile 3: losing someone you love who left you. Don’t criticize. It will happen in a month and a half. Pregnant or creation of new idea? Process reconciliation to move forward, which will be in early June.


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