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4 Must Haves For Creating The Perfect Virily Post

Hey guys! How are you doing today? I hope that you enjoy Virily as much as I do. Personally, I love checking out your posts and see what fun content you have prepared for the day. You all have great things to share with us. So, today I have some tips to share with you. Read on and find out more!

Creating a post is not such an easy task. You have to do your best and make your post outstanding. And I though about sharing my personal tips on creating posts. If you have missed my previous post about the crucial tips for staying successful on Virily, you can check it here.

I think that there are 4 things that are so important and every post should have these.

Interesting heading

Your heading should be interesting. It should  make readers curious about your post, and challenge them to click on it. Keep it long enough so you can describe your topic. And keep it short enough so everyone can understand. Two or three words are not sufficient for a decent heading.

High quality image

The featured image is the first thing that a user will see from your post. And that will determine if he is going to click and see the whole post. The image should be the best one you can choose. As it represents your post, make sure you do it the right way. Choose  the best quality that you can find


A short introduction part will introduce the topic to your readers. When they have already opened your post, the intro part is the thing that will determine whether they are going to read it. Remember school essays? The same rules apply here as well.

Interesting and helpful info

With your post, you should help your readers. Provide some interesting information or tips related to the topic. Feel free to write a longer post, that will be useful and your readers will like. People love reading posts that will help them with a certain issue, provide them tips, or that will help them learn some information.

Would you agree with me? What do you think? What is the most important thing in a post?


What do you think?

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Written by Kristina