4.28.20 Lockdown Insights

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

They might open lockdown in July, but they are likely to do more lockdowns during the fall and/or winters, around the holidays because it is all about controlling the world at the same time and under One World Govt. It is a practice experiment until the actual NWO starts…

Pile 1:  reeducating yourself in something or some way. You want to learn something new. Better connection with what you do and make it into a career. focus your energy on career. a better connection between yourself and other people.  Youtube videos, meetup, etc.

Pile 2: work on personal relationships and family. Reconnect with your family. Learning to see things differently in regards to working again. They now live in different circumstances. New way of expressing things. You need faith. New job offer in July. Reidentify yourself as a person. You don’t like change. Observe your situation without judging and move with the flow. Who you are to yourself.

Pile 3: relationship, whether moving in together or ending a relationship. Intuition. Pushed on to your path. Hidden part of yourself. Everything moves up for you. Explore your purpose to move forward. Opening toward something. Release the idea of controlling, and move forth.


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