4.20.20 Lockdown Insights

Monday, April 20, 2020

Coronavirus was manmade in a lab to kill off old people and people who already have health issues, which is everyone with low immunity.

John Travolta was always gay. No wonder he never dated Olivia Newton John during Grease. I think most of them are. That is how they get their jobs. It has nothing to do with talent because most suck anyway.

Oh, cool, she watches Dr. Rashid Buttar, too.

I think maybe the “fried fish” many stupid celebrities are promoting probably have to do with 5G Radiation.

Celebrities support Bill Gate, WHO, and N.W.O. agenda.

Tedros, head of WHO, did genocide in Ethiopia.

Message from your guides?

Pile 1: needs to connect physical body with earth body more. And move in different direction. Ground yourself, accept yourself, and move on. Learn from past experience. Go on an adventure in nature. Lay down on grass.

Pile 2: being held back because you cannot move ahead the way you want to. Lesson to enhance your spirituality. Step back, and you will be a master of whatever you do.

Pile 3: epiphany…seeing things in a different way…actual truth is coming through. You are awakened. Connect in spiritual way with God.


What do you think?


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    • i think they probably sprayed it in the air. in may 2019, i felt weird all of the sudden. but i stayed home mostly, probably because of the heat. i felt dehydrated. i drank a lot of liquids. now, i think it might have been something in the air, whether this manmade corona or whatever…
      i watched another video, which stated it will magically disappear all of the sudden, just like the crisis actors…and maybe reappear somewhere else….or at another time…


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