4.19.20 Lockdown Insights

Sunday, 4.19.20

Businesses having Employee Microchip Party to encouraging people to all get a microchip. They are trying to make it look cool and fun. Travel will open up during October and November. People need to stand up and fight because they are getting ready to microchip people. There are some protests going on this week, probably in LA. They will let people out of lockdown, but it will be different. Threatening with fines, jail, and lockdown until people get microchip and eventually vaccine.

The Florida beach picture is likely photoshopped with people for propaganda fake news. Trump will win the second term.

Her granddaughter Lila is currently going to online school. I think that is what college students are doing as well.

Yeah, I posted a video earlier stating that between some time in April until May, there are satanic rituals and sacrifices.

They are already encouraging microchipping people’s hand. They will make the people who don’t do it into outcasts or outsiders. We are going through Spiritual War, which is about picking a side between being a slave and fighting back for our independence.

#1 Sloan B.and Lila C.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Pile 1: February—new direction in your life, to a different direction. Confusion about past issues. February through June involves decision to move forward. Let go of past guilt. You have some luck, but it will come in beginning of August. You will be firmly rooted in a new direction. You have some travel in October, although not far. Letting go of past childhood issues. Do what is best for you because it is your life.

Pile 2: coming out from being quiet. Talking with others. Now, changed into something different. Decided to make more friends. Step out to do what you want to do, but not sure where to go or what to do. You will be cautious who you will befriend because there is betrayal with some people you knew. You are wondering if you should have the same communication with them.

Pile 3: for someone who is looking after a younger person in a parental way. Wants to make choices with this kid. Shouldn’t force it. You are having a hard time let the kid grow up. Child goes between two different homes. Detach emotionally from the control.

#2 Sloan part 2

Pile 2: not getting what you want out of your life. Not being fulfilled. Not sure how to do what you want to do. Addicted to a certain way of thinking, which is causing the problem. Need to be open to a different way of thinking. You have defeated thought, and probably giving up with your life. Let go of the way you think. The way you are thinking is deflecting from your success.

Pile 1: you should not get involved in a competition with someone. You need to be yourself and focus on yourself. Your competitor is afraid of you. 4 to 6 weeks. It isn’t a competition. You will likely get it anyway.

Pile 3: change in communication with men in your life. One-sided communication. Withing 3 weeks. You have strength, and it will work out anyway. you are intuitive. Follow your instincts. You can choose to go a different direction. Don’t be obligated to do anything. Do what you want to do.


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